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Tuned solution for your class

height adjustable, magnetic,

double-sided white board wings

Lifelike viewing experience

4K touchscreen with capacitive

touch technology and tempered

glass competencies

All in one solution

integrated computer

with tutorials and applications

Lifelike viewing experience

10-Point Multi-Touch

Excellent visibility from all areas of the classroom



High durability and stability



State-of-the-art interactive touchscreen board suitable for every classroom

  • One device for interactive lessons and daily use
  • Saves space in the classroom – the teacher has all materials in one place
  • Height adjustable allowing use for all students and teachers
  • Customizable wing colours according to the school’s requirements (white, green, blue, black or a combination of colour
  • Compared to a projector, the teacher does not get in the way of the light beam at any time
  • Flawless picture, even on sunny days without the need to darken the classroom
  • Designed to details – once switched on, it is ready for class in only 20 seconds
  • 4m wide work area for the teacher – the teacher can use interactive board and write with the marker at the same time
  • Magnets and liquid chalk markers can be used
  • Long lifetime of the product is guaranteed

BenQ screen – technical specifications

  • Screen size 65" (165 cm)
  • 4K, brightness 450 cd/m2, contrast ratio 1200:1
  • Lifespan 30000 hours
  • 10-Point Multi-Touch
  • Two integrated 8 Watt speakers

Included accessories

  • Integrated computer (Intel i5, 4GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, Wi-Fi, DVD, Windows 10)
  • Pre-installed educational software
  • Power cable
  • USB and HDMI slots

Board Wings – specifications

  • Highly resistant ceramic surfaces
  • Both sides of the board can be written on
  • Custom colours according to requirement
  • Height – 120 cm, length 2x 100 cm
  • Height of the lower edge of the board
  • - when the 3BOARD is in the lowest position – 60cm
  • - when the 3BOARD is in the highest position – 120cm

Tutorials for kindergartens

  • The curriculum includes topics for improving graphomotor skills, speech, pronunciation, reading, math and storytelling

Tutorials for elementary schools 

  • Tutorials, apps and worksheets for elementary schools across the curriculum include access to thousands of teaching materials on DUMy.cz

Teacher training and support 

  • Free training webinars online
  • Training is linked to the General Education Program for preschool and elementary education

Warranty and support 

  • 36 months warranty
  • 25 years warranty on the board wings
  • Free online support for 5 years