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Interactive carpet

helps with educating of

the smallest children

Interactive desk

supports the development

of key competences

Interactive wall

assist with the development

of children´s soft and social skills








Interactivity for Kindergartens and elementary schools

  • Ready to use in Kindergartens, elementary schools and clubs
  • An ideal instrument for school parties and academies
  • Easily movable amongst classrooms
  • Variable stand to use as interactive floor, desk and wall
  • Tuned up – everything is ready for lesson thirty seconds after pressing a button
  • Lightweight, high mobility, cover
  • Integrated PC with Windows 10 and tutorials
  • Included software for interactive materials Smart notebook
  • Integrated sound

Technical details of Epson EB-685Wi beamer

  • 3LCD technology – high brightness and contrast
  • WXGA definition, 3500 lumens, contrast 14 000:1
  • Ultrashort beamer distance 0,28:1
  • Lamp lifespan up to 10 000 hours
  • Two independently working interactive pens
  • Integrated sound system 16 W

Included accessories

  • Integrated computer (Intel x5-Z8300, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB HDD, Wi-Fi, Windows 10)
  • Installed image with tutorials for Kindergartens or elementary schools of choice
  • Licenced software Smart Notebook
  • Multifunctional stand to be used as interactive floor, desk and walls
  • Projecting pad 130x 100 cm
  • Cover decorated with children motives
  • Wireless keyboard with touchpad
  • Power cable, USB and HDMI slot to connect with other devices

Accessories of choice

  • DVD drive
  • Battery recharger
  • Stand to level up the projecting area

Tutorials for kindergartens

  • The curriculum includes topics for improving graphomotor skills, speech, pronunciation, reading, math and storytelling

Tutorials for elementary schools 

  • Tutorials, apps and worksheets for elementary schools across the curriculum include access to thousands of teaching materials on DUMy.cz

Teacher training and support 

  • Free training webinars online
  • Training is linked to the General Education Program for preschool and elementary education

Warranty and support 

  • 36 months warranty
  • Free online support for 5 years